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Chinese Auction

Thank you! Our Chinese Auction featured 200+ items!

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters and community-minded businesses, the 2018 Chinese Auction was one of the largest auctions in Northeast Ohio!

What is a Chinese Auction and how does it work?

Nobody seems to know why it's called a "Chinese" auction (it doesn't appear as though it was invented in China), but a Chinese auction is part raffle and part auction.

To participate, you first buy some raffle tickets, and then you distribute your tickets among all the items you wish to bid on by placing the tickets into the bags in front of the items you want to win.

There's no wrong way to do it: You can put just a few tickets in for one item and a few in for another item, put all your tickets into one highly desired item or any distribution in between.

The auction portion starts when a This Means War team member selects one raffle ticket from each item's bag to determine the winner. 

You do not need to be present at the drawing to win.