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3-on-3 Basketball Tournament

Congratulations to our 2018 Basketball Tournament winners!

Adult division: Back to Back (yes, they won last year, too!)
9th-12th grade division: Pink Power
7th-8th grade division: Chemosabes
5th-6th grade division: Y-town Ballers
3rd-4th grade division: Crushers
Best name contest: Tumornators

2017 Basketball Tournament winners

Adult division winners: Shooters
For the first time in three years, we have a new adult division winner!
Congrats to Malachi, Micah, Tyler and Dave!

7th-8th Grade Division Winners: Shockers

5th-6th Grade Division Winners: All Respect

Best Team Name: Tumornators

Previous tournament winners

Adult division winners: RIP City
It was a RIP City 3-peat! Congratulations to John, Sean, Preston and their new team member Jay for topping the adult division for a third consecutive tournament.

7th-8th grade division winners: Trumbull County Ballers
Part of the winning Rat Pack team from 2016 returned to win the new 7th-8th grade youth division in 2016. Congrats to Anthony, Luca and Brendon!

5th-6th grade division winners: Bball Battlers
This brand new team made an instant impact by winning the 5th-6th grade division in 2016. Congrats to Carson, Ryan and Evan!
Photos of the 2016 tournament: 6th Annual

2015 Winners
Adult division: RIP City with John Sean, Preston and Joel
9th-12th grade: Team Faith with Travis, Tommy, Eric and Josh.
7th-8th grade:
Buckeyes with Reese, Michael, Adam and Zack.
4th-6th grade:
The Rack Pack with Anthony, Luca, Grant and Caden.
Best Team Name:
Ohio Girls
Photos of the 2015 tournament: 5th Annual

2014 Winners
Adult division: RIP City
9th-12th grade division: NBA Street Volume 2 Legends
7th-8th grade division: Ballers
3rd-6th grade division: The Heat
Best Team Name: Tumornators
Photos of the 2014 tournament: This Means War.

2013 Winners
Adult division: White Mambas
9th-12th grade division: BLEEivers
7th-8th grade division:  Rapid Fire
3rd-6th grade division: Backyard Ballers
Photos of the 2013 tournament: 3rd Annual
Photos of each team that played in the tournament:  2013 Team Photos.